LOVING: That my sister is over, and the day I spent with her & my Aunt.
THINKING ABOUT: Plans for tonight which include Algebra with my Sister as we both have homework in this class! An as for the funner things we are going to do our nails & watch Catfish. I must introduce her to this show.
WORKING ON: Getting into the swing of things having started school. I'm trying to learn how to juggle work, family, schoolwork (which I have a ton of), and free time. I will get it down, but it'll take some time!
ANTICIPATING: Girl time with my Sister!
LISTENING TO: I haven't listened to much music lately. So you could say I've been listening to whatever Kyle listens to and whatever is on TV.
WATCHING: Lots of Hoarders and Hoarders Buried Alive.
READING: Heads in Beds. Gotta represent the hotel industry!
WEARING: Yoga pants, since I dumped my pop all over my jeans at Applebees, an owl shirt, and owl toe socks.
WISHING: I didn't have to drive tomorrow. Me & driving have not been getting along lately. I will get through it though.
BEST PURCHASE: I got two new nail polishes today on clearance for $.90! It's been a long time since I've added to my nail polish collection I was beginning to have withdrawals.
WEEKLY HIGHLIGHT: I would say probably today. Spending the day with my Aunt and Sister. Applebees. Laughs. Shopping, and more to come later.

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