I wish...

I wish that my babies weren't starting school this Fall. I want them home with me, all of the time, and to myself. Selfish Momma, over here.
I wish that Gretchen Rubin would do nothing more than make happiness projects and write about them.
I wish I had $200 to do a make up haul with.
I wish I was really, really good at math that way I wouldn't be tempted to cry over my stupidity on a weekly basis.
I also wish that I was really, really good at graphics and design!
I wish my cat, Manson were still alive and sitting on my lap right now.
I wish that more people could truly see the beauty everywhere they looked and drown out the hate.

{image credit to: We♥it}

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  1. Not wanting your babies to start school isn't selfish - you're a Mummy! Its part of you! :). $200 to do a make up haul would be my heaven right now -- I have so many other priorities right now such as bills etc, so.. I guess I have to play grown up and scrimp by. I'll keep you updated on any bargains I find though? I have an iPhone do you?

    Graphics and design are things that come from -you-, not qualifications.. Have you ever sat down on a program like photo shop and just played around? That's how I learned, and I'm not even *that* good! There are a bunch of tutorials and freebies you can get these days -- I find myself inspired by Star Sunflower Studio if you can google them. :).

    People do need to see the beauty, but usually, a major life event for them changes that. Too much hate and not enough love in life. Keep smiling, you're beautiful, you have a beautiful family -- life is beautiful.