LOVING: Lauren Oliver! I've just finished reading Delirium, and I am itching to start Pandemonium, or Hana (a short accessory story in the series). I haven't decided which to read first, I am leaning towards Hana though. The only reason I haven't started it yet is because I've vowed to get some schoolwork finished before I even dare put it on my Kindle!
THINKING ABOUT: Family. We have a lot of family members who come to visit and stay the night with us. I really love it and think it's really fun. Kyle and I both grew up in big families so I think it's only natural for us to have a lot of people around at times. I am grateful that people want to come over, and spend so much time with us!
WORKING ON: Homework owns me. Every single week. Every Sunday I am rushing to catch up.
ANTICIPATING: I really want to get Netflix and catch up on all of the seasons I've missed of Grey's Anatomy (assuming they have it on there).
WATCHING: Roseanne. I will always love that show. It's the best.
READING: Currently between books as stated above! :)
WISHING: I am wishing for warm weather. The wind and cold have been particularly bad today, and I am just so, so ready for spring, flip flops, and some warmer temps.
BEST PURCHASE: My very first laptop. I adore it, and it sure has made school life, reading blogs, and playing Runescape a lot easier!

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