Love before it's too late.

There's been a lot of sadness this week.

A dozen or so therapy horses and some other animals died in a barn fire by my work.

Yesterday my Uncle's ex girlfriend, Lisa, laid down in front of an oncoming train. She's the second person I've known to end their life. Death is never an easy thing, but there's something different about it when it's self inflicted. When someone makes their mind up that they just can't do it anymore and resorts to drastic measures. I wish I could know when people felt this low, this hopeless, this done. I wish I could do something, say something, before it's too late. To tell them they are loved, that everything will be okay. I'd like to think a lot of people feel this way. That's the sad thing about life and depression and mental illness though. Most people don't realize things until it's too late.

A family friend of Kyle's also died yesterday due to a bone infection. Another young person gone, far, far too soon. He also was one that felt very unloved, and only now are people pouring out their love and affection on his Facebook wall. I wish they would have shared this love with him when he was still alive. Maybe he would've been stronger, fought harder, took better care of himself. Maybe not. Maybe though, and probably, he would have at least gone knowing people cared, that he was in our hearts. I never personally got to meet him, but I knew about him and cared about his well being and just as another human being. He was very well loved by Kyle's mom and family. I'm happy he had that and knew that much.

Please, let everyone you care about know how you feel. Don't be scared. Don't be worried. Don't be embarrassed. Just do it. It makes everyone's life go a little better, go a little smoother knowing they are loved. Knowing they are cared for. Smile at everyone you pass. Even if they look grumpy and hateful. Smile at them extra big. They probably need it the most. Life is short. It really, really is. Any of us could go at anytime. It's a scary, scary thought that I am battling with this week. Trying not to let the fear get to me and overtake me.

Let us be happy in this life. Let us smile, cry when we need to, hug each other, love each other. Love wins. Just love each other, and while your out loving, don't forget to love yourself.

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