I realize this makes two "Currents" posts in a row, as I haven't updated since last Sunday. Things have been busy over here between the usual family, school, and work, we've been having lots of random family members visiting and sleeping over. We love having guests here and it's always a lot of fun, so that's what my time has been going to lately. Our guests aren't ending this week either, Kyle's Gram, one of our absolute favorite guests is coming tomorrow or Tuesday to stay for a few days. It's always such a blessing to have her here for a few days and spoil her with company and good food (Kyle spoils her with his cooking- I can't cook!). I have lots of ideas floating around in my head for blog posts. Probably nothing earth shattering but I'm still just getting started and trying to find my voice. I just need to jot these ideas down and get to typing. I hope to start regularly updating this week and am looking forward to doing so!

LOVING: All of the company we've been having! First it was Kyle's cousin and one of his brother's. Next my Sister stayed for the weekend which I absolutely adore having her here. I am so blessed and grateful to have such an amazing sister, I can't get enough time with her! Tonight Kyle's Aunt and little cousin is staying, which the boys are super excited to have someone little like them to run and jump and play with! Makes my heart smile. ♥
THINKING ABOUT: Sleep. I have been staying up way too late lately and waking up with so much regret and sleepiness. Yet, I do the same thing over and over. I need to change this, I need some rest and an energy boost. As soon as this post is published, I'm taking my behind to bed.
WORKING ON: I'm trying to become better at Math. I am not doing as well as I thought I was in my math class. I have been forcing myself into "time outs" in front of this screen to take extra time to try and learn what I'm doing and the formulas better. It's going slightly better but I still didn't score as well on this weeks quiz as I'd hoped. It'll just take time, and patience. I will get there, I know I will.
ANTICIPATING: Having the week off from work, I love weeks like this where I can stay home and spend endless amounts of time with my family and just relaxing. I'm also looking forward to the visit from Gram. I have a sneaking suspicion that lots of Hoarders will be watched and some fun games of Yahtzee! will be played.
WATCHING: The Americans and The Ultimate Fighter, we are very big on UFC in this family, and my absolute favorite fighter (Jon Jones) is one of the coaches this season, which makes it all the more exciting!
READING: I am actually not reading anything at the moment. I have been trying to decide what to read next and I think I've finally decided and it's an autobiography of a former geisha.
WISHING: For more hours in the day. There is so much I want to accomplish that if I think of it for too long it'd be overwhelming but I've made the decision to take it easy and do what I can when I can.
BEST PURCHASE: I found an Essie nail polish on clearance for $2 yesterday. Finds like this are always super exciting because although I love Essie, my budget (or brain) doesn't really allow me to spend much more than $3 on a nail polish so finding that was a nice surprise.

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