Life Lately

I learned how to crochet today! It's something I've been wanting to do for years and years just haven't had anyone suitable of teaching me. Kyle's Gram is teaching me and it's amazing. As someone who constantly has to keep their hands busy I find it amazing and I am pretty certain I'm already addicted. I can't wait to master what I've already learned and learn more.

We've been trying to get some health issues with Kyle under control. So far there's been no magic solution, but he's is trying and I am very optimistic he will overcome this.

I've fallen a little behind on schoolwork but I plan to majorly make up for this tomorrow.

Valentine's Day was nice and kept simple. We made the boys Valentine hearts (which Kyle and the boys also made for me and his Gram), bought them colored pencils and Valentine cookies to bake. I got a set of colored pens, vitamins, and castor oil, but that's what I truly wanted. P.S. Castor oil is for my skin, not the purpose that's stated on the bottle. ;)

I read The Silver Linings Playbook in about 48 hours. I cannot wait to be able to sit down and watch the movie.

I've been eating lots of Reese's Puffs and drinking lots of Pepsi.

I have been practicing a lot of patience (not a virtue of mine, unfortunately), and trying to keep everything in this household as stress free as possible, which is not always easy, but so far it's going well and I am much happier for it.

I've been following the Carnival Cruise disaster with much intrigue. I'm not really sure why, as I've never been on a cruise or am interested on going on one, but some things just draw my attention more than others.

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