Weekly Currents

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LOVING: I love that my husband has I think, had a breakthrough in feeling better. I love that everyday is a little better for him, and through it all and times of frustration and a lack of patience on my part, it's been a growing experience and I feel we are even stronger and closer.
THINKING ABOUT: I only have two more weeks left in this quarter of school, and then I move onto new classes which seem really interesting.
WORKING ON: Finishing up this week's homework, and organizing. And by organizing, I mean making to-do lists in my head for the past 3 weeks. ;)
ANTICIPATING: Tuesday, because I don't have to work and we'll get to spend time with my Aunt. I am also hoping to make some of those mental to do lists happen.
WATCHING: Kyle's Gram has been over and we've been watching lots of CNN, Hoarders, and Snapped. I really want to watch The Following as I've heard great things about it. Have any of you seen it?
READING: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
WISHING: I could earn a solid living by reading books all day.
BEST PURCHASE: New pens, and vitamins. Although, the vitamins would be a bit better of a purchase if I'd remember to actually take them :X

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