Some thoughts

Since starting this blog a couple of weeks ago I've thought a lot about it. What to post. What not to post. Potential privacy issues. Do I want it to be a lifestyle blog or a beauty blog? Is it okay to have a lifestyle AND beauty blog in one? What if no one reads it? What if people read it and laugh and think I'm wasting blog space? What if there are not enough pictures, and what if they aren't "pretty" enough. I don't know how to edit photos or make the cute little banner things with wishlists and such. That doesn't mean I will never know, but right now I don't. All of these things have discouraged me, and kept me from writing and posting except for the Sunday Currently posts, which are straight forward.

Tonight while browsing my BlogLovin feed, and browsing new to me blogs (while procrastination on my homework naturally!) I came to the conclusion that none of the above worries matter. What I write, whether no one likes it or follows me, is good enough. My photos whether they are perfectly edited in Photoshop or not, or whether there are even that many, it's good enough. If I want a lifestyle AND beauty blog, I will have it. If I want to post about nail polish or a Spring make up wish list one day, and pictures of my kids the next, that's just what I will do.

I think starting a new blog is intimidating, especially when you read so many other wonderful blogs. But really...the point of blogging is to share your voice. Even if no one reads, I am still putting myself out there and if nothing else it will serve as a reminder to me one day of who I am, and what I've done. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about happiness and what makes me happy and what doesn't make me happy. I've thought about just who it is *I* am. It sounds like a pretty simple question with a pretty simple answer, but once you actually start thinking about it, really thinking about it, it can get pretty intense. Many people struggle with wishing they love certain things, and feel bad that they don't or can't no matter how hard they try. Same goes for personalities and traits. I have began a process of searching and realizing just what these things are and aren't and accepting them. I am on a path to self discovery and self betterment and I expect a lot of posts in the near future will be about just that.

I think it's going to be fun, exciting, and liberating. Maybe I can help other people realize these things as well. And if not that's okay. Because, writing about it here, will open up my eyes to even more things and help me realize even more.


  1. I'm right there with you, I do my blogging for myself. A way for me to let out my feelings, adventures, ideas, and lifes changes,ect.

    Very excited to see you blogging more! ♥ We'll chat later. xo

  2. It took me a long time to find stuff that fitted in with my blog so I understand how you feel. But I think I can help with a few of the things you've talked about there because I wish someone had helped me with that when I first started out.

    To edit photos, I use and
    They're both photo editors but if you use them together then they cover almost everything that photoshop does. You can create blank images with SumoPaint and edit it in PicMonkey so that it resembles the banners and wishlists you see all over the blogsphere. You can also download Photoscape for free from various websites and use that to do very basic edits like colour adjustment and collage (although PicMonkey can do that for you too)

    As for the content of your blog. It's up to you. Who says you can't have a lifestyle and a beauty blog in one? Many bloggers have a jumble of things available on their blogs and that's cool too. I think as long as you're true to yourself and your readers connect with you then it doesn't matter what it is you're sharing (unless it's a photo of bunions cos no one wants to see those).

    I hope you continue to blog and continue to explore what it is that represents you on the internet. I'll continue to read.
    Samantha x

    1. Thank you so very much for this reply! It's been in my head for a few days now and has been very encouraging to me, more than you might be able to know! Also, thank you very much for sharing those resources I am going to check those out as soon as possible, it's very helpful and much appreciated! ♥